This is the email I sent to Google when they murdered me today. Please support it spread the word and let this giant know that they can’t do this! If you were once a blog follower thankyou if you want to be a follower if Google has their way you never will be! 6 Months of my life and work down the drain washed away. Over 10 thousand blog views wasted. Over 400 hours at a guess- of my time wasted destroyed. They make the grinch look like Santa Claus on happy pills. Please join my voice if you have suffered or if you empathise I NEED TO BLOG. And Google has taken this from me. How many other sufferers are there weeping silently? My blog WAS Search now and theres zilch, zippo, nada, nothing . NOTHING! All that time. Join my voice please and let Google hear

My message to Google support:

“This is my third email in an hour. GOOGLE I NEED MY ACCOUNT RESTORED! I’m on the way to becoming an avid and well know blogger with Gametrender and you have halted that! I am horrified , shocked , disgusted and want to be physically sick that you have suspended all my accounts afor no reason and my readers can’t even access my content on the web. Gametrender just hit 300 readers a day today and now you have squashed that all down with an inexplicable suspension. PLEASE SORT THIS ASAP. Don’t be the company that I once loved that is now going to destroy my Christmas and possible future as a blogger!”

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