This is the email I sent to Google when they murdered me today. Please support it spread the word and let this giant know that they can’t do this! If you were once a blog follower thankyou if you want to be a follower if Google has their way you never will be! 6 Months of my life and work down the drain washed away. Over 10 thousand blog views wasted. Over 400 hours at a guess- of my time wasted destroyed. They make the grinch look like Santa Claus on happy pills. Please join my voice if you have suffered or if you empathise I NEED TO BLOG. And Google has taken this from me. How many other sufferers are there weeping silently? My blog WAS Search now and theres zilch, zippo, nada, nothing . NOTHING! All that time. Join my voice please and let Google hear

My message to Google support:

“This is my third email in an hour. GOOGLE I NEED MY ACCOUNT RESTORED! I’m on the way to becoming an avid and well know blogger with Gametrender and you have halted that! I am horrified , shocked , disgusted and want to be physically sick that you have suspended all my accounts afor no reason and my readers can’t even access my content on the web. Gametrender just hit 300 readers a day today and now you have squashed that all down with an inexplicable suspension. PLEASE SORT THIS ASAP. Don’t be the company that I once loved that is now going to destroy my Christmas and possible future as a blogger!”

Android Developers’ Resources

It’s tough being a developer.Pioneering new ways of doing things and trying to make alittle money to tide you over until the big project takes off. Gametrender tries to take the strain off of you by providing our marketing and translation services and we’ve always got our ear to the ground when it comes for other resources for developers. With that in mind I’d like to introduce ‘Gto’s Developers’ Cave’.

Started by community lauded developer Damian Gto the website is a powerful and large forum for Android Developers. The community is vibrant and learned and very active in support of all the work that is going on. I highly recommend having a look if you’re a developer.

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Those in the know

There’s an old adage that you should stick to what youre good at. That’s why when a good game comes out reviewers will often look at the developers pedigree.
There is nothing worse than some fly by night programmer wannabe that has no love nor understanding for videogames clogging up the market with his soulless products.
It’s not often that Gametrender will deviate from it’s usual informed and educated perspective to absolutely say how Earth shatteringly brilliant a single game is. Well ladies and gentlemen this is one of those occasions!
Orange Pixel is the developer in question and their love of gaming and sense of fun exudes from every pore of their new game ” Super Drill Panic  “. Taking the simple template of the vertical runner genre, you know the type, where an object/character drops onto different platforms and is steered left and right while the screen slowly descends, if the screen catches up it’s game over.
Well this is where Orange Pixels’ game stands out. Firstly there is a story behind it, with an adventurer crashing in the jungle and blundering through hidden temples in pursuit of treasure. The gameplay is also spot on, with no glitches and also some great retro inspired graphics.
The point where the game starts to become better then it’s peers is when you realise that there is more than one level and even a shop to buy upgrades such as run faster boots. Then to make it even better there are great unlockable extras like arcade mode and even a whole new character and story!
But what really shone out for me was the games personality which shows how the developers actually care intimately about games. The little touch of the character dropping references to classic past titles like Paperboy and Rick Dangerous it’s not only hilarious but also filled me with nostalgia and made me realise what a great heritage games have.
Orange Pixel, games by gamers for gamers, and that makes all the difference!

And then it got Big!

So marketing campaign firmly underway we were quite happy bimbling along and re-translating the occasional app on the market and had just finished another optimisation for a client called when he emailed back with an interesting proposition: ”I had an idea here. I got the hangman application which was made ​​entirely in Portuguese. I need to translate it to english, but i don’t know what words are easy and hard. So i need to help with that. I have de source code of game all done, beucase i did it in portuguese. So i need only the translated words. I don’t know if a english hangman application will be good sold at android market, but if you want to translate that for me”

(Please note his use of English and you will see why I thought he’d be the ideal client!)

And so with that simple email I was started on the road that would eventually lead to being a partnered publisher on the Android market itself!

Where from here?

So a game on the market where to next . Well now that I’m starting to see the other side of the gaming spectrum I’ll keep updating you and tell you how it goes. Already seeing some insight into how things work on the market which I’ll tell you about. Also trying something different with the app and aggressively marketing the app  via ebay, gaming forums and review site. All an interesting insight into the world of mobile gaming and plenty of information about marketing . So lot’s more stuff to write about in subsequent posts!

Just remember

Oh and of course please download!:

Hangman Mania!

Life on the Inside

So life as a developer, now that I had ‘cracked the big time!’ I had to work hard time wise and thinking wise to get our app to market. Joao my business partner was already published on the Brazilian Android Market with

Our idea was that we would take his Porugese version of Hangman and add new categories and words to make an English version. All in all it probably took about three days of work on both our parts to get this to market.

Joao of course concentrated on the programming side and I used knowledge gained from a previous life as an English teacher to conjure up categories(transport; clothing;colours;food;animals and more to come in the future) and words. When my creativity ran dry I would turn to the internet for inspiration. But all the time vetting and editing to decide which words would go into the easy; medium or hard categories.

I would have found it a much less worthwhile task unless I had made some crucial desicions right at the beginning. I found it so important to have a design philosophy . The overarching decision was that words would not just be categorised according to difficulty of spelling but also as to how obscure the words were.

The app was finally published on the market and now it remains to see how much of a success it will be.

Our Core Business

Back to our original values in case you’ve forgotten, this is the reason that this blog actually exists and where we eventually want to get to. So if you’re interested then please contact us.:

Gametrender is an exciting new concept created by myself. At this stage of development we are an increasingly popular blog and a provisional website. In addition we have started a new marketing drive and are working to optimise app dialogue and descriptions for a handful of Android developers.The eventual endstate we hope to get to is to become a popular donation and ad supported website with strong links to app publishers.

How we hope to get there is by Trending apps for consumers.

A trender will be any Android savvy individual with a strong interest in predominantly gaming apps. The Trender will provide a personalised service to customers by recommending apps based on a customers individual likes.

So: If you want to become a Trender or have the required skills to get our provisional website up to a professional commercial standard OR are a developer looking to be trended then email me:


Build it and they will come

Initial uptake after my marketing email was very good indeed with about three developers contacting me for work straight away and some for future work.

Another new client was Central Bytes : . At this stage I was about to turn from a fixer of descriptions into a scriptwriter(almost)

We are very interested in your proposition.
We can provide link to your website in credits window inside game.
I am attaching 2 files to this email: game description and app dialogue.
Thanks a lot!

I’d like to say that I did a good job on the game description

But the real work was only starting! The developer had also emailed me his APK file which I had to go through with a fine tooth comb and change his awful English into something at least vaguely understandable! All I can say is thank goodness it wasn’t a RPG, as it ended up being a very late night indeed for what was probably only about a thousand words of dialogue!

A Helping Hand

As promised here’s the update on our latest marketing drive. If you recall we were offering to ‘optimise the language’ of apps that were translated badly from a foreign language into English. Our first client was . With over 14 games on the Android market he wasn’t doing too badly for himself. However doing my research he stood out like a sore thumb because of how badly his app descriptions were worded.:

 ”Original Description:
Try new gameplay in match3 style game. Beat highscores.
Train your logical thinking in a new fascinating game. Its something between match3 game and puzzle game. Slide gem on another gem of the same type to create new supertype. Two or more neighbouring gems of the same supertype (depending on level) would be removed.
Challenge other gamers in pursuit of highscore.
In case of any issues, please, mail to”

As you can see first impressions would show that he seriously needed to get some professional help. So help we did:
”Try this new and fascinating ‘Match3’ style game. Compete at your best and you might just beat the highscores. Maybe!
If you’re a logical thinker you can only get better with this app, if you’re not then what better way to get that brain training? In a unique fusion of a ‘Match 3’ and puzzle game this will draw you in as you frantically smash those gems together to get the elusive supertypes. As the levels progress the supertypes smash together and get erased gaining you a higher score and a shot at the leaderboards.
In case you have any issues please mail:”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be mailing him and others back to see if the language fixes helped them at all. From my side of things the campaign had got off to a roaring start with now an official partner of Kidga games and linked in his apps.

A Kidga game.

This is one of Kidga games many games that I’ve helped to optimise.