Those in the know

There’s an old adage that you should stick to what youre good at. That’s why when a good game comes out reviewers will often look at the developers pedigree.
There is nothing worse than some fly by night programmer wannabe that has no love nor understanding for videogames clogging up the market with his soulless products.
It’s not often that Gametrender will deviate from it’s usual informed and educated perspective to absolutely say how Earth shatteringly brilliant a single game is. Well ladies and gentlemen this is one of those occasions!
Orange Pixel is the developer in question and their love of gaming and sense of fun exudes from every pore of their new game ” Super Drill Panic  “. Taking the simple template of the vertical runner genre, you know the type, where an object/character drops onto different platforms and is steered left and right while the screen slowly descends, if the screen catches up it’s game over.
Well this is where Orange Pixels’ game stands out. Firstly there is a story behind it, with an adventurer crashing in the jungle and blundering through hidden temples in pursuit of treasure. The gameplay is also spot on, with no glitches and also some great retro inspired graphics.
The point where the game starts to become better then it’s peers is when you realise that there is more than one level and even a shop to buy upgrades such as run faster boots. Then to make it even better there are great unlockable extras like arcade mode and even a whole new character and story!
But what really shone out for me was the games personality which shows how the developers actually care intimately about games. The little touch of the character dropping references to classic past titles like Paperboy and Rick Dangerous it’s not only hilarious but also filled me with nostalgia and made me realise what a great heritage games have.
Orange Pixel, games by gamers for gamers, and that makes all the difference!

Our Core Business

Back to our original values in case you’ve forgotten, this is the reason that this blog actually exists and where we eventually want to get to. So if you’re interested then please contact us.:

Gametrender is an exciting new concept created by myself. At this stage of development we are an increasingly popular blog and a provisional website. In addition we have started a new marketing drive and are working to optimise app dialogue and descriptions for a handful of Android developers.The eventual endstate we hope to get to is to become a popular donation and ad supported website with strong links to app publishers.

How we hope to get there is by Trending apps for consumers.

A trender will be any Android savvy individual with a strong interest in predominantly gaming apps. The Trender will provide a personalised service to customers by recommending apps based on a customers individual likes.

So: If you want to become a Trender or have the required skills to get our provisional website up to a professional commercial standard OR are a developer looking to be trended then email me:


A Helping Hand

As promised here’s the update on our latest marketing drive. If you recall we were offering to ‘optimise the language’ of apps that were translated badly from a foreign language into English. Our first client was . With over 14 games on the Android market he wasn’t doing too badly for himself. However doing my research he stood out like a sore thumb because of how badly his app descriptions were worded.:

 ”Original Description:
Try new gameplay in match3 style game. Beat highscores.
Train your logical thinking in a new fascinating game. Its something between match3 game and puzzle game. Slide gem on another gem of the same type to create new supertype. Two or more neighbouring gems of the same supertype (depending on level) would be removed.
Challenge other gamers in pursuit of highscore.
In case of any issues, please, mail to”

As you can see first impressions would show that he seriously needed to get some professional help. So help we did:
”Try this new and fascinating ‘Match3’ style game. Compete at your best and you might just beat the highscores. Maybe!
If you’re a logical thinker you can only get better with this app, if you’re not then what better way to get that brain training? In a unique fusion of a ‘Match 3’ and puzzle game this will draw you in as you frantically smash those gems together to get the elusive supertypes. As the levels progress the supertypes smash together and get erased gaining you a higher score and a shot at the leaderboards.
In case you have any issues please mail:”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be mailing him and others back to see if the language fixes helped them at all. From my side of things the campaign had got off to a roaring start with now an official partner of Kidga games and linked in his apps.

A Kidga game.

This is one of Kidga games many games that I’ve helped to optimise.


Language Fixes

Gametrender is branching out. It’s sad to see that there are so many good ideas for apps out there that are let down by the language barrier. So because here at Gametrender we’re good all around nice guys(and we love the publicity!) we’ve been contacting developers who to put it bluntly, need help with their English and have been offered to improve their app translations and scripts. Here’s the email that we’ve been sending out.

Dear Developer
I am the owner of the “Gametrender” blog and website. As part of our marketing strategy we are offering app dialogue script optimisation to any interested developers.
As a consumer and trender of apps I am very conscious how poor translation can have a negative affect on the enjoyment of games and apps. Particularly in relation to story based games. We are not offering to translate your app , as of course this has already been done. However, what we will do is enhance the translation of your app. Your app will be more professional, more accessible and more enjoyable to the end user. If you feel that your app dialogue has been poorly translated or that it could be enhanced, then we would like you to take advantage of this offer.
This is completely free and of no obligation. The reason behind this is that it is part of our marketing strategy. Gametrender is a brand new start up website that recommends apps to customers. By offering you this translation optimisation service we aim to get our name known and perhaps even expand into script writing and optimisation through our website. If you do use this service all we ask is that you recommend us to other developers and help to get our name known throughout the community.
 We have also had a lot of interest recently in fixing the front end descriptions on the Android market, which of course we are quite happy to do too.
The script optimisation will be performed by a native English speaker who holds a degree in English and a postgraduate degree in Education. Additionally he has over three years experience as an English teacher.
If you wish to use our free service then please email us at this address. Alternatively feel free to browse our Gametrender WordPress blog and our provisional website: .
Thank you for your time and all the best with your current and forthcoming developments.
Yours faithfully

Over the next couple of posts we’ll let you know how that goes down with the development community.

Cross platform development

Gathering interest by releasing initially on a higher spec phone seems to be a new marketing strategy for some publishers. That the Android market is fragmented is a phrase often bandied about by the industry. What they mean by this is that due to the plethora of phones of differing types running Android, all the different specs of these phones and indeed the different versions of Android it makes it very hard for everything to be singing off of the same song sheet as it were. Some developers have used this fact to their advantage though: thinking particularly of the tegra chipped phones and the Xperia Play, these are generally high specced gaming phones. But more importantly they are also highly marketed. So if a new game comes out on these or similar phones the internet is normally all over it and it becomes biggish news for at least a little while. So whilst anybody who has more than a passing interest in gaming will see this so called gaming news on the net as an Xperia Play or similar exclusive their need for the game will naturally grow, according to the age old principle of ” You want what you can’t have!” Thus when the game has benefited from it’s so called exclusivity based marketing and is released to other phone owners it is more likely to be purchased. Clever marketeers proving that Androids fragmentation can indeed be a strength and not a weaknesses.

A long holiday

Despite being around for a fair while now the android market in many ways still seems to be finding it’s feet. The editors picks section was quite innovative when it came out making the market a little bit more in line with the app store. But it seems that neglect has crept in with there being almost no change at all in their picks for the last few weeks. Are they on holiday, is this the best custodial service that a multi billion pound company like  Google can offer. Gametrender is on the up and it seems that the quicker we get our app trending established the better, as Google doesn’t seem to be bothered, so market workers get off vacation and get back to work!

Good Friday

Another week passes us by and support for Gametrender continues to grow. The team has been in Europe and practically disconnected from the internet for a week, very much looking forward to returning home and catching up  with how much has changed in the fast paced app gaming world. On our working week one thing dramatically struck us, just how prevalent app gaming is. In a totally unrelated business environment it seemed that every spare moment people had their phones out to get a quick gaming fix. Remember it needs people like us and you to help and shape their gaming habits. The team is still recruiting so get in touch.


Suddenly comics are cool again, led by the massive charge of Spiderman a few years ago and suddenly the floodgates were opened with amongst many others including The Incredible Hulk and Ironman quickly becoming blockbuster movies.
Well not too long ago these geeky franchises were a far way from cool, their reboot and reinvention have pushed them to the height of uber cool. This process has made its way into games in recent years with sequel after sequel bringing something new to the table.And the occasional total change such as with recent Batman games and the upcoming Tomb Raider totally recooling their franchises. Well we believe that its time for developers to revent some of their best products for the mobile market. It couldn’t be easier or cooler, so get to it developers.


A week away in Europe and traveling quite light, but naturally my gaming phone is going with me. Exorbitant roaming charges mean I wont be going on the internet, but being shut off from the web and any app downloads is a really good thing. Reason being that if youre a mobile gamer youre probably going to have become a collector, theres so much variety and most for free on the download scene that if youre anything like us you’ll have downloaded until your phones memory is fit to burst. Thats why its great to be part of the traveling disconnect: theres some awesome games on my phone which have never been played as leisure time is spent searching for new and better, so now is the time to properly explore whats on my phone and also anticipate how much app gaming will have moved on in the week I’m away.