How big is it?

World of Warcraft changed the gaming landscape in so many ways. Over time it became cool to game online, have virtual friends to game with and spend a substantial part of your time in a make believe world. It was and still is one of the largest generators of capital in video gaming history. Alongside the rise of online gaming has also been the overwhelming expansion of social networks. It is now almost unheard of for someone to not, at the very least, have a Facebook account. Into this maelstrom of online connectivity has come the new generation of smartphones. With fast internet connections, speedy processors, good graphics and slick user interfaces users are conducting more and more online activities via their phones. It is on the strength of this that online massive multiplayer mobile games are becoming huge. The granddaddy of these being Pocket Legends with it’s various iterations having a huge following. Gameloft has also added to it’s repertoire by introducing the cross platform game  Order and Chaos  which could be huge. Also just coming out of beta is  World of Midgard , another cross platform game which has been so hyped that it had better be good! I’m sure there are other examples out there but the point being that massive multiplayer has become very big on mobiles and due to the always on nature of mobiles and continuous availability of them once again redefines the gaming landscape.

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