Cross platform development

Gathering interest by releasing initially on a higher spec phone seems to be a new marketing strategy for some publishers. That the Android market is fragmented is a phrase often bandied about by the industry. What they mean by this is that due to the plethora of phones of differing types running Android, all the different specs of these phones and indeed the different versions of Android it makes it very hard for everything to be singing off of the same song sheet as it were. Some developers have used this fact to their advantage though: thinking particularly of the tegra chipped phones and the Xperia Play, these are generally high specced gaming phones. But more importantly they are also highly marketed. So if a new game comes out on these or similar phones the internet is normally all over it and it becomes biggish news for at least a little while. So whilst anybody who has more than a passing interest in gaming will see this so called gaming news on the net as an Xperia Play or similar exclusive their need for the game will naturally grow, according to the age old principle of ” You want what you can’t have!” Thus when the game has benefited from it’s so called exclusivity based marketing and is released to other phone owners it is more likely to be purchased. Clever marketeers proving that Androids fragmentation can indeed be a strength and not a weaknesses.

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