Lets get creative

A friend recently went to a psychics stage show, so I thought I would get an amusing app to entertain her. Ghost scanner came to mind, whilst it’s extremely doubtful if it works, it does give some food for thought. Not about the nature of the supernatural, but what else we could actually be doing with our phones. Ghost scanner claims to detect ghosts using the different sensors on our phones. Well what capabilities does a phone actually have and what ingenious ideas could we as a community come up with. Gps, frequency detection across the gsm network, connectivity to the internet via 3g , proximity detection to stop phone turning off during calls, accelerometer, led lights for camera, the camera itself, microphone and possibly some others. Thats a lot of capabilities, creatively perhaps pretending to find the supernatural shouldn’t be the pinnacle of what our phone can do. So creatives youve got some powerful hardware, isn’t it time to actually start using it?

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