A phone and a console?

Riding high in the charts Zenonia 2 has some big tricks up its sleeve. Hiding behind some cutesy last gen graphics it presents a solid role playing game with an ever expanding feature facet. I’m not reviewing it here but just opening up to debate some very intriguing concepts that it brings up. I’m only about an hour into the game but its starting to throw up some hints about innovation which is increasingly rare to find these days. As I get further into the game I’ll explore these features more but at the moment it’s just the cleverness behind them that fascinates me. I haven’t even tried the features yet but as soon as I’m close to a wifi network I’ll be checking out the network features. Whats good about the pvp and messaging capabilities is that they form a seamless part of the game and not some front end menu feature. For instance the Arena is just there in the first town you come to, as is a phone box type message hub. No show, no fireworks and most importantly total integration into the game environment. Like I said I haven’t even used the features yet, but just had to write about the mere fact of their cleverness. Heres a developer who understands that we game on phones so such seamless use of phone type features such as messaging and connectivity is a massively innovative coup. I’ve a strong feeling that I’ll be writing a lot more about this game in the future as I Explore these and it’s more traditional gaming environment. It’s not hard to see why it’s consistently in the top charts.

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