Not quite free

The English language is amazingly adaptable with lots of new words being added every year. Well one of particular interest to gamers which I’m sure we will be seeing in a dictionary soon is Freemium. Do you see what they’ve done there? Free and Premium surely two good things. This is an increasingly popular business model that developers are turning to to generate cash. Rather than having in app adverts to help pay for their games (more on that in another article) developers will charge for extra features such as specialized items, new levels and extra game modes. Theres lots of variation that developers can put on this theme and so far its proving quite effective with recent hits such as Robotek generating capital this way, a strategy game with the eventual aim of liberating all the worlds “nodes” from evil androids. Every node you liberate gives you more energy but every time you lose, your energy is depleted. While possible to complete the game without paying it will be very, very difficult, so the freemium model lets you purchase energy. Its this revenue dream that allows what could easily be a purchased game be free for the casual gamer. When is it worth making purchases like these, well thats why you need to help get Gametrender up and running because thats our business-getting the best apps into the hands of gamers!

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