When will we know?

Being a long time gamer I remember quite a few stand out moments of my gaming career, those beautiful awe inspiring jaw dropping feel good moments that make being a gamer worthwhile. My list probably differs a lot as everyones would. Metal gear solid on playstation was superb, the cinematic beginning just immersing you so much in a time when cinematics where just taking off. Final Fantasy VIII had a gear start too with the hero and the villain squaring off in a brilliant sword fight. When Resident Evil was still fresh and full of tricks I was shamefully one of those who jumped as the zombie dogs sprang through the  window. Well I could carry on the whole day about these stand out moments but , and heres the point, I haven’t yet had one of those moments with mobile gaming. Whys that low production values? Not enough time investment to become involved? Well whatever the reason I think that when we start to have these standout moments thats when we know mobile gaming will have come of age.

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