Old skool not cool

If youre a gamer of a certain age then its inevitable that at one stage you definitely chucked away the gdp of a small African country on coinops in the arcades. Well now thanks to the marvel of  the internet and throw away app gaming we can get back to the sordid past of impossible  levels, ridiculous learning curves and pixelated graphics. Now the problem with nostalgia is that its often very wrong, we only tend to remember the positive. Thats why I’m loving “Meganoid” great reviews from lots of websites made me give this platformer a go. Five minutes and numerous spike and fall related deaths later made me glad to be in 2011, for me any way old school gaming nowadays just seems far too frustrating! Moores law says that computing capacity will double every few years, well gametrenders  law says that 5 minutes of game time now should be twice as fun as it was ten years ago.Progress please! Whats  your thoughts: Old skool to the back of the class or still top marks?


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