Game psychology

Going back to my previous Angry Birds posting I hinted that they might be other deeper factors behind the games infiltration into our lives. Stand by for this one: anthropomorphism. What !you say. Ap for short, Im not going to keep typing that out in full, is the psychological process whereby humans give emotions and human attributes to non human objects or creatures. Whether deliberately or by design Rovio have managed to master this with their creation. Each bird is distinctive, angry eyebrows and glaring eyes showing us their righteous avian fury. incensed tweets worthy of a blood thirty mob. The pigs too take on human characteristics their every oink seeming to be a middle finger pulled up at the birds. Their shifty eyes ,and on some crazy mustaches, making them seem to be villains. So AP delicately applied to make the birds and their foes seem human and thus stick in our minds more. Perhaps its this more than the top notch game play that has made Angry Birds such a hit.

2 thoughts on “Game psychology

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