Big Names

As more and more money gets ploughed into the app gaming industry a couple of big names are beginning to emerge. I deliberately have not researched this article and have just let my average days gaming bring a couple of names to the forefront. Are these the industries big player s, maybe maybe not but what they are is names that have stuck in my head from just playing around, so it makes sense that what they are creating is making it through to the average gamer. Rovio is obviously up there, just on the strength of its Angry Birds franchise, Playing on an Xperia play you can’t but help see Gameloft products all over the place. Hyperbees is one that also springs to mind at the moment. Of note is that Ea is also joining the party, clearly gamings biggest publisher wants a slice of mobile gaming pie. Thats all I’m going to mention, deliberately like I say I only wanted to list from memory as for Android gaming right at the moment these stand out the most. As an android gamer who do you think should be included in this list?

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