Flavor of the moment

If app gaming haas one massive thing going for it it is its ability to throw a million different bite sized multi genre treats at you.if you asked me a year ago when I was still just a console gamer what my preferred games were I would have said adventure games, polished rpgs or high production value fps.Now? Well app gaming has changed everything really theres now so few barriers between us and raw gaming. Cost is minimal if any, buying them is only a click away and what I find most important you dont ned to be time rich to enjoy mobile gaming. Loads of enjoyment can be had from quick sessions. They’re not only pick up and play app gaming goes one step further by being pick up play, forget about it replay it. So right now my flavor? Any one touch game ie Robotek fits needs perfectly as I can juggle a bottle fed infant with one hand and still game with the other. Bless app gaming for giving me those options. Of course as needs and time of day change being the cornucopia it is app gamingĀ  lets me have any flavor I want. True gastronomic gaming. So whats your flavor?

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